Investment Strategies

The Devil's Share: Mugs, Stocks, and the Myth of Value
An uproarious yet sagely perusal through the financial phenomena of the Endowment Effect, perfect for those who love their wine, mugs, or stocks just a bit too much.
🎯 Mastering the Art of Cost Basis: Play the Tax Game Like a Pro!
Discover the various cost basis methods for calculating gains and losses on your investments, and learn how to pick the best method to maximize your tax benefits. This article will dive into FIFO, LIFO, High-Cost, Low-Cost, and Specific Identification methods, wrapping it all in a humor-filled yet informative package.
A Fun & Witty Guide to Leveraged Buybacks
Delve into the amusing world of Leveraged Buybacksβ€”a mystical land where companies dance with debt to repurchase shares, sprinkle magic on earnings per share, and dodge hostile takeovers. All this while balancing the fine line with Uncle Sam's tax wand!
Holding Your Horses: Decoding the Mystique of the Held Order
Explore the intriguing world of held orders in the stock market with humor and wit. Learn why they matter and when to use them without breaking a sweat.
Kickstart Your Knowledge: What Is A Kicker?
An amusing and educational journey into the world of kickers, sweeteners, and wrinkles in the financial sphere, with a splash of humor to make you chuckle.
The Misadventures of Value Investing and the Wisdom of Benjamin Graham
Unravel the fun and wisdom behind value investing as founded by Benjamin Graham, illustrated with diagrams, peppered with humor, and garnished with quizzes for ultimate entertainment and learning.
IPO Madness: Navigating the Wild World of Initial Public Offerings πŸ•Ί
Dive into the chaotic world of IPOs with this fun, humorous, and educational guide to direct listings, Dutch auctions, and the ups and downs of performance and lock-up periods.
The Roller Coaster Ride of Bond Ratings: Why Investors Need a Strong Stomach
Explore the whimsical world of bond ratings, where fickle rating agencies and their dubious downgrades can send markets spiraling and investors into a tizzy. Learn why relying solely on these ratings might not be the best investment strategy.
The Adventures of Long-Term Investments: Navigating the Balance Sheet Jungle
Explore the thrilling world of long-term investments as we venture through balance sheets, uncover strategic company moves, and take a humorous dive into financial jargon!
Leap into the Future: The Advent of LEAP Options on the 🦘 CBOE
Discover the fascinating history, implications, and usage of LEAP Optionsβ€”financial instruments that had their grand debut on the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1990. Explore how these long-dated options revolutionized trading strategies, offering insights, formulas, comparisons, and a dash of humor.
🎒 Asset Swap Adventures: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hedging Fun!
Join us on a wild ride through asset swaps! Learn the ins and outs of hedging interest rate risk and default risk with a sprinkle of humor and quirky insights. Perfect for professionals and newbies alike.
The Ultimate Clash: πŸ₯Š 30-Year Treasuries vs. Savings Bonds!
Dive into the ultimate financial face-off between 30-Year Treasury Bonds and U.S. Savings Bonds. Whether you're looking for periodic interest payments or a slow-brewing financial geyser, we've got you covered!
Balanced Funds: The Perfect Harmony of Investment 🎡
Dive into the marvels of balanced fundsβ€”a mutual fund option that strikes the right balance between growth and income. Ideal for investors seeking safety and moderate returns, discover how these hybrid beasts juggle equities and bonds to deliver a diversified portfolio.
Mastering the Art of ESO Hedging: Dance with the Elusive Time Decay
Ever wondered how to dodge the time decay bullet in ESOs? This fun, humorous guide brings to you the key strategies: writing calls, buying puts, and costless collars. We promise you'll be entertained while you you learn to save your precious ESOs from the decay goblin!
Unveiling the Black Magic of Sustainability Ratings: The Morningstar Methodology Explained
Decode the intricate and hilarious world of Morningstar's sustainability ratings through this engaging, humorous, and educational article infused with charts, mermaids, and a touch of financial wizardry.
Mastering the Mysterious World of Options on Futures
Dive into the world of options on futures, where leverage, potential profit, and risk all coexist in a thrilling financial dance.
Superannuation Shenanigans: The Ultimate Retirement Guide!
Dive into the wacky world of Australian superannuation funds. From Accumulation Funds to Defined Benefit Plans, we'll decode the jargon and add a sprinkle of humor!
Unlocking the Magic Box: Mastering Box Spreads πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
Dive into the whimsical world of box spreads, an options arbitrage strategy that will make you a wizard in the financial markets. Learn how to borrow or lend money using this method and impress your prime broker with your newfound financial acumen.
Deciphering the Hanging Man Candlestick: When Trend Takes a Nosedive!
A light-hearted and detailed explanation of the 'Hanging Man' candlestick pattern, its implications in technical analysis, and how traders leverage this ominous harbinger. All served with a side of humor and wit!
Home Bias: The Lovable Tendency to Invest Close to Home
Explore the phenomenon of Home Bias, where investors are seduced by the comforts of domestic equities and shun the allure of foreign investments. It's an exploration of why your portfolio might prefer New York over New Delhi and how globalization is changing the game.
Jumping Over Financial Hurdles: The Art of Calculating Hurdle Rates
Dive into the whimsical world of hurdle rates, WACC, and risk premiums, and discover how finance isn't just a snooze-worthy subject but a rollercoaster ride of numbers, percentages, and ROI.
Navigating the Waters of Risk Aversion: To Fear or Not to Fear?
An entertaining and educational dive into the world of risk-averse investing, highlighting key concepts, strategies, and the pros and cons of being a cautious investor.

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